CAMBA Learning To Work


Who We Are: CAMBA is a community of staff, volunteers, clients, donors, neighbors and partners who work together to build an inclusive New York City, where all children and adults have access to the resources and support they need to thrive. We take a comprehensive approach by offering more than 160 integrated programs in: Education & Youth Development, Family Support, Job Training & Employment Support Services, Health, Housing, and Legal Services. We reach more than 65,000 individuals and families each year at our 90 locations, including 20,000 youth.

The Learning to Work (LTW) for Transfer Schools Program will provide services to students, ages 15-21 that are over-aged for grade, under-credited, and have spent at least one year in another high school to earn a high school diploma and gain valuable vocational and life skills support. Using the Primary Person Model, each student will have a Young Adult Career Advisor who will: guide students towards removing barriers toward graduation, engage students in college preparatory activities, provide supportive services, and increase self-direction and self-sufficiency through meaningful career exploration experiences, including subsidized internship placements for 20% of the student population.


LTW Program Director - plan and organize program activities to maximize program contract's goals and performance targets. Troubleshoot customer and direct reporting staff program problems, and make decisions in accordance with program policies, procedures, and protocols. While also communicating effectively with students, direct reporting staff, funders, and DOE members.

Internship Developer - work to pair young people with internship experiences that align with student interests. To prepare our young people adequately for post-secondary realities the internship program is designed to develop work readiness skills (resume building, financial literacy and money management, interview techniques, etc).

College Counselor - provide guidance and support to students as they navigate the college admissions process and make decisions about their educational and career paths. Also, helping students explore various postsecondary options, such as college, university, vocational programs, or entering the workforce directly. The College Counselor will assist students in making informed decisions about their future and equipping them with the necessary skills and resources to achieve their goals.

Advocate Counselors - serve as young adult students’ primary motivator and coordinator of program services; and assist “at-risk” young adult students in eliminating barriers to education/employment. Also, works with students to develop a post secondary plan that they will utilize after graduation.