Required Health Screening

All students and visitors must fill out the NYC DOE health survey prior to entering the building.

Please use the link below:

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  • What’s Happening in NYC Public Schools Family Update

    Brownsville Academy High School
  • Spring Break and COVID Testing

    A letter from Dr. Cristina Meléndez, Executive Director, Family and Community Engagement about Spring Break and the test kits students will bring home.

    Brownsville Academy High School
  • “Stay Safe, Stay Open”

    “Stay Safe, Stay Open”

    Brownsville Academy High School
  • Updated Cell Phone Policy

    Good afternoon BAHS families,
    Please find the updated BAHS Cell Phone Policy and parent letter attached.  Please note the following:

    Last trimester, Brownsville Academy High School policy did not permit scholars to bring their cell phones into the building. We started a trial period on Monday, February 14, 2022, the “out of sight” policy, which allow scholars to bring their electronic devices into the building as long as they are not seen or used outside of the cafeteria during the lunch period. 

    If the “out-of-sight” policy is unsuccessful and scholars are unable to follow the policy, BAHS will discontinue the “out-of-sight” policy and collect cell phones at the entrance in the morning.

    Below are examples of policy violations: 

    ● If scholars are distracted by using them in the classroom.

    ● Any violations to the Chancellor’s Regulation A-413 and Department’s Internet Use Policy 

    ● If scholars are caught walking down the hallway with their devices out and using them. 

    ● If there is an increase in the number of cyber bullying incidents and thefts. 

    ● If scholars are holding cellphones for the other high school co-located in the building.

    Details of the new BAHS cell phone policy are attached to this letter.   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact AP Nasr at or me at  We appreciate your support in this effort.  

    Thank you,

    Carol C. YingPrincipal

    Brownsville Academy High School
  • Consent Form to Allow COVID Testing in School

    Parents please complete this form and return it to the school office as soon as possible. It allows your child to receive periodic testing for the COVID 19 virus while at school.

    Brownsville Academy High School
  • A letter to Families from Chancellor David Banks January 5 2022

    Brownsville Academy High School
  • BAHS 2021-22 Assessment Calendar

    This calendar shows each assessment scheduled to be administered to students this school year.

    Brownsville Academy High School
  • Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) sports and the Covid-19 vaccine

    Please read the attached letter for important information regarding sports participation and the required Covid-19 vaccine.

    Brownsville Academy High School
  • Vaccinations at Brownsville Academy High School

    Get the FREE Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for ages 12+

    Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine pop up event!

    For all individuals under 18, a parent or legal guardian must provide consent. A Consent Form for you to complete and return is enclosed in the attached letter of this feed.

    When: September 13, 14, 15, and 17

    Time: 12 P.M.– 5 P.M.

    Location: Brownsville Academy H.S.

    1150 East New York Ave
    corner of East 98th enter on East New York Ave)

    Get vaccinated &
    get free rewards!

    Brownsville Academy High School

    Brownsville Academy High School
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